Angling Road Elementary School serves 406 students from Young Fives to Fifth grade. The building not only houses the regular education program for students, but also special education programs caring for the needs of students. The educational needs of the students at Angling Road Elementary School are cared for by a total of 46 full-time and part-time faculty and staff, which includes 26 teachers, a principal, and appropriate clerical and custodial support staff. Angling Road students are also served by a full-time reading consultant, a half-time media specialist, one special education teacher and a half-time guidance counselor. All of these services are available to students to meet their individual needs and to assure that their participation in the instructional program is maximized.

Vision Statement
The teachers, staff, and parents of Angling Road School will educate our children to be confident, caring citizens, ready for the responsibilities and challenges of the future.

We believe students are our first priority and the decisions we make must be based on what is best for all students.

We believe parents and teachers working as a team provide the appropriate instruction and support for the optimal success of each student.

We believe Angling Road Elementary School must be an emotionally and physically safe environment for all.

We believe Angling Road Elementary School improves instruction and enhances student achievement through a willingness to investigate and implement creative and innovative techniques.

We believe in a flexible curriculum that is developmentally appropriate with high expectations for each child.

We believe significant and appropriate training opportunities must be provided for all individuals involved in learning.

We believe a variety of support systems must exist for all students. 

Learning Expectations
Click here to see the Learning Expectations for students in grades Y5-5.

Student Opportunities
Students at Angling Road School have many opportunities to become involved in their school.  Some of the opportunities are as follows:  Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Student Council, Girls on the Run, Media Helpers, Art Helpers, School Store, CREW Captains (student leadership support), and Safety Patrol.

Information about Student Allergies
We are CREW and we care!  Angling Road Elementary is an Allergy Aware School.  We have several students with severe food allergies including, but not limited to, peanut, dairy, wheat, food dyes etc.  Classroom teachers will share specific information about how to keep all students healthy in the classroom.  General information in regards to food allergies can be found at:
Ideas for healthy and Allergy Aware snacks can be found at:


The staff and students of Angling Road School want to thank our parents, grandparents, and neighbors who havae generously sponsored our students efforts at Road Rally!  A special Thank You to our PTO for their organizing this incredible event - how fantastic for the children to not only see their ROAD RALLY money go towards purchases that benefit the entire school, but that they get to help with the purchasing decisions.

2012 Road Rally Results:
This was a record-breaking year for Road Rally, and we will share here as soon as the final decisions are made regarding purchases.

2011 Road Rally Results:
Funds were used to purchase World Cup soccer goals for our playground.  The new goals help to promote healthy acitivities and sportsmanship for our students. 

2010 Road Rally Results:
The donations raised were used to purchase an 8'x24' traverse climbing wall for the gym.   This great acitvity is used for all grades, and included 3" thick Safety Mats which are placed on the floor in front of the wall when in use and locked to the wall for safety when we are not using the Traverse Wall.

Junior Achievement

Remember Junior Achievement (JA)?  High school students would get together after school and form a "company", make a product and sell it.  During this effort, the students would learn about the different aspects of running a business.  Well, JA is still teaching kids about business, but it does a lot more than that these days.  Junior Achievement of Southwest Michigan works in partnership with local schools to provide programs for students in grades K-12 teaching them about business, economics, personal finance, careers and entrepreneurship. 

Another unique aspect about JA programs is that they are taught by a volunteer from the community.  JA volunteers serve as positive role models for young people while also relating their own unique experiences that bring the programs to life.

JA uses hands-on experiences to help young people understand the economics of life.  In partnership with business and educators, JA brings the real world to students, opening their minds to their potential.  JA of Southwest Michigan reaches more than 18,500 students in six counties throughout Southwest Michigan.

JA always needs more volunteers to keep up with the demand for programs from our schools.  To become a JA volunteer, please contact JA's office at 269-343-0860 or email  Visit for more information.  The time commitment is minimal (5-8 hours total), but the impact could last a lifetime!


School Wide Positive Behavior Support:  All students will know and be expected to use CREW Behavior Expectations in all area of Angling Raod.  Using SWIS data, student behavior data will be tracked with reading achievement data to show how positive behavior support affects student achievement.  Parents/guardians will be aware of positive student behavior and CREW home/school communications will be implemented.  Major infractions in school behavior codes will decrease by 25% using SWIS data.  Dibel data will indicate 5% increase in reading fluency.

School Wide Positive Behavior Support Goal - Caring, Responsible, Excellent Attitude, Working Together
Through the Michigan Behavior and Learning Support Initiative (Millis) a CREW  Leadership Team was developed.  We spent the first year developing and implementing behavior expectations for all common student areas of the building, including hallway, assembly, cafeteria, playground, indoor recess, boys/girls bathrooms, and classroom.  CREW cards are given students from any teacher to compliment the behavior CREW expects.  CREW celebrations are conducted monthly to acknowledge outstanding CREW behavior.  Student pictures are taken and posted, lunch treats are given out for four outstanding class CREW kids, CREW cards are collected from each classroom for all school celebrations, and CREW News is published and applauded.  This is a three year grant program.  We are making small changes for the 2010-2011 school years to include more parent communication about CREW expectation and celebrations.  CREW Behavior Expectations have been included in Angling Road's Newsletter.  The principal did parent training sessions through the Parent Teacher Organization.

Enrichment Program
Enrichment and Extension (e2) program which is available to qualifying 3rd, 4th and 5th graders . For details visit their site at or contact the school office. 

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